Elder Law

Elder Law is an area of legal practice that provides an integrated approach to address the legal issues and concerns faced by our senior citizens. The practice of Elder Law may involve: Estate Planning, asset preservation, medicare, Medicaid Planning,, social security, long term care, elder abuse, nursing home issues, guardianships, Special Needs Planning,, and the use of various advanced directives.

The development of a well thought out plan is extremely crucial to resolve common issues involving family disputes, money management and control, estate planning, qualification for government benefits and the preservation of assets.

At the Law of Offices of Judy S. Mock, P.C., we do not believe in having our elderly clients simply “giving away all their assets” to qualify for Medicaid. Our experienced attorneys are committed, with the use of educated presumptions and informed decisions, to assist each client in the development of an individualized plan where we can promote their independent living, resolve common issues, while navigating the complicated process of qualifying for Medicaid benefits and/or formulating a plan devoted to asset protection.

You’ve spent years building financial and psychological security for yourself and your family.


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